October 2, 2009

DSC00011 copyOne of the many things that I regret, is what Sam had to endure with the dentist. Because he didn’t have insurance, he went to Marquette dental school for a check up. His life choices didn’t include good dental care, so as a result, he had 13 cavities, and one unfinished root canal. The root canal was started on the day that his girlfriend broke up with him – he went to that appointment, and never went back. So, for a year and a half, he was the one all of the students wanted for their final exams – whatever kind of filling they needed to be tested for, he had the cavity. He sat through 15 sessions of students working in his mouth, and was finally finished in May of 2009. A month before he died. Had he known this, I am sure, he would not have spend his last days in the dentist chair. At least, wherever he is, he has nice teeth!


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  1. Becca Says:

    I am confused… was this after the thing that happened in February? When we were off for a little bit? I miss him. Even when things got really bad between us I could never stay away from him for very long… I knew how the drugs changed him and I knew the person he really was without them. I just wanted to find that person again and any glimpses of that person meant the world to me even in the darkest of times. I would experience all those painful times a million times over just to have one more loving, peaceful day with Sam.

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